About Us

Vince Rutter

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Vince Rutter is a successful entrepreneur in Thunder Bay and Northern Ontario. Vince is the founder of Rutter Urban Forestry, the region’s leading tree care company. He is a professional forester and certified arborist and holds an Honours Bachelor of Science in Forestry from Lakehead University. Biothermic benefits from Vince’s passion for energy efficiency and modern biomass fuels.


Mike Rutter

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Mike Rutter comes from a strong background in natural resource management with the Ontario government. He has worked throughout the province but has put down roots with his family in Haliburton. Mike brings to Biothermic a sound understanding of hydronic heating and a desire to develop local partnerships in biomass fuel supply.  Mike is a certified Hydronic Designer and holds an Honours Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Geophysics from the University of Western Ontario.

A complete solution from start to finish

Biothermic is a national company supplying all Canadian provinces and territories with world-leading wood heating systems. We merge top technology from Fröling of Austria with North American heating system components to provide turnkey products for our clients.  

Modern wood heating is in place and proven in many European countries, but Canada still views wood heating as just fireplaces and outdoor boilers. Modern wood heating offers centralized heating using low-cost, renewable fuels while maintaining total control and without creating smoke pollution.  

Biothermic is bringing modern wood heating to Canada with well-designed, well-built, smart and complete heating systems.



Whether you're just learning about the benefits of modern wood heating or investigating potential equipment options, we are available to help you understand the technology.  Our clients include homeowners, businesses, institutions and entire communities.  We can help plan a small heating system or a larger, multiple boiler heating system.



We offer far more than just the supply of a boiler.  With every system, we offer customized boiler hydronic schematics and even designs for whole building in-floor heating and radiant systems.



To see a wood heating system installed, we will work with either our network of technicians or we can work directly with a company of your choosing.  We are absolutely devoted to seeing that every system is designed, installed and commissioned correctly to ensure maximum efficiency.


Fuel Supply

As the modern wood heating market grows, supply of fuel can sometimes be challenging.  We offer bulk wood pellet fuel delivery to many parts of Ontario and we work with other wood pellet suppliers across Canada.  We are the first supplier of proper specification heating chips from our Thunder Bay location.