Large or small, Biothermic can provide expert planning and complete system supply.

Heating with wood can offer huge cost savings compared to fossil fuels but comes with a greater level of planning required to ensure your project is installed properly and runs smoothly for years to come.  We pride ourselves as experts not only just in bolier supply but in the entire project from:

  • fibre procurement
  • fuel specifications and supply logistics
  • Heat loss assessment
  • System design, commissioning and maintenance.

We categorize wood fuels into three categories, each of which can have multiple subcategories and specifications.  Once you've decided which fuel type to pursue, we can help to mae sure your fuel source will give you savings and problem free operation.

If you are still in the process of determining what fuel type is best for your project, please read this blog post that will answer some of your questions.


Making the investment of an advance wood heating system can be justified easily by the cost savings alone but sometimes you need to tie in the environmental and social benefits to convince partners.  All new biomass ventures have a strong champion behind them!  We comissioned this short informative video on the carbon cycle and wood benefits that may better euqip you for good decision making.

Recent Blog Posts

Unsure of the best wood fuel option for your project?

Explore the three solid wood fuel options, their opportunities and their limitations below.

Wood Chips

Chips offer the lowest cost of all fuels and can be procured from a variety of sources.  With a range of 150kW to 3mW, wood chip heating systems are a geat investment.

Wood Pellets

With a range of 10kW to 400kW, wood pellets are a great choice for sites with a need for fully automated, low maintenance options.  Wood pellets offer a significant cost savings over oil, propane or electricity.


A reasonable choice for heat demands of up to 150kw.  Although boiler controls are automated, daily loading and wood handling is unavoidable.