Move past heating with a fireplace, wood stove or pellet stove.

Our central heating boiler systems will provide absolute control over your entire heating system while maximizing savings and benefits of heating with wood. Homeowners can choose between wood pellets and firewood for heating.  Wood chips are not a viable option for most homes, read more about the reasons why here.

Wood Pellet Benefits

  • Fully automated system, fill your storage with bulk delivery and the system will run for weeks unattended
  • Boiler cleaning is only required a few times per year
  • Noiseless operation and produces no smoke odour
  • Cheaper fuel costs than propane, oil or electricity
  • Pellets are becoming more readily available from a number of Canadian mills

Firewood Benefits

  • Firewood can be the cheapest and most readily avaialbe heating fuel
  • Fröling firewood boiler produce no smoke
  • 93% system efficiceny!
  • Easy boiler loading and lighting 
  • Automated air control ensures safety and efficiency

Whether you prefer wood pellets or firewood, Fröling boilers are very efficent and very simple to operate.

The following two videos will give you a brief overview of how each of them work.

How do I get started?

Installing a new heating system is a big decision.  We can help in a few ways towards seeing your wood heating system sized, designed and installed properly in your home.

Modern wood heating is often a new experience for our customers.  Please take some time to look through the site and read some blog posts about our systems and wood heat in general.  

Give us a call or send an email and we can get started on your path to Modern Wood Heating.