Froling biomass boilers are world leading in efficiency, ease of operation and quality.  Biothermic can supply you with a Froling heating system including all required pumps, piping and valves, underground heat piping, larger thermal storage tanks as well as pellet and wood chip storage and conveying equipment.

Whether you're looking to heat your home or business, Biothermic can provide an efficient system to burn wood chips, wood pellets or firewood that will save you thousands of dollars per year in fuel costs.

We work with a group of great equipment manufacturers and offer their products as part of our complete boiler packages.

Wood Pellet

Fröling wood pellet boilers offer 94% system efficiency, self-loading and automated controls. Pellet heating is cheaper than fuel oil, electric and propane.  

Wood Chip

Fröling wood chip boilers use flue gas re-circulation technology to optimize the burn. Harness value in cheap wood chips or streams of waste wood. 


Fröling firewood boilers are world leading in efficiency and ease of use.  Clients will love how simple they are to load and how accurately they can control building temperatures.