For Residential Systems

  • Our central heating boiler systems will provide absolute control over your entire heating system while maximizing savings and benefits of heating with wood.
  • Homeowners can choose between wood pellets and firewood for heating.
  • All systems are indoor and highest efficiency

For Larger Systems

  • Our wood chip boilers are ideal for commercial and industrial systems, as well as municipalities, universities, schools, and hospitals (MUSH).
  • We offer complete fuel handling systems specific to the customer’s needs

Enjoy the benefits and cost savings of modern wood heating.

Biothermic is a trusted provider of high-efficiency wood heating systems featuring world-leading Fröling boilers. Learn more about the many benefits of new generation wood heating systems in our resources section.

Canada is home to the world’s largest sustainable forest — we have more wood energy per capita than any other country. Using modern wood heating systems is clean, can reduce heating costs and is a more sustainable fuel source than fossil fuels.

With the availability of Fröling heating equipment and our growing network of partners, modern wood heating is becoming the preferred renewable alternative to more expensive options like oil, propane, electricity and geothermal.

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Why use
Wood Heat?

Simply put, modern wood heating systems are the smart choice for businesses, institutions, communities, and homes:

  • Biomass is affordable and good for the economy
  • Modern wood heat is clean, low carbon technology
  • Biothermic Systems are designed for Canadian installations
  • Easy-to-use and smoke free

To learn more about the benefits of wood heating

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