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Find out if wood heating is a good match for your home.

Enjoy the benefits and cost savings by embracing modern wood heating.  

Canada is home to the world's largest sustainable forest -- we have more wood energy per capita than any other country. Using modern wood heating systems is clean, can reduce heating costs and is a more sustainable fuel source than fossil fuels.

Biothermic is your provider of high-efficiency wood heating systems featuring world-leading Fröling boilers. Learn more about the new generation of wood heating products that we offer.

With the availability of Fröling heating equipment and our growing network of partners, modern wood heating is quickly becoming the preferred alternative to more expensive options like oil, propane and geothermal.

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Unsure of the best wood fuel option for your project?

Explore the three solid wood fuel options, their opportunities and their limitations below.

Wood Pellet

Fröling wood pellet boilers offer 94% system efficiency, self-loading and automated controls. Pellet heating is cheaper than fuel oil, electric and propane.  

Wood Chip

Fröling wood chip boilers use flue gas re-circulation technology to optimize the burn. Harness value in cheap wood chips or streams of waste wood. 


Fröling firewood boilers are world leading in efficiency and ease of use.  Clients will love how simple they are to load and how accurately they can control building temperatures.