Wood Chip Heating

Fröling Wood Chip and Pellet Boiler T4
Up to 94.2% efficiency and a multiple award-winner

Particular attention was paid to energy efficiency, durability and stability during the development of the T4. This priority was clearly confirmed when the boiler was awarded the Blue Angel (for the wood chips and pellets) and the Austrian Ecolabel. The T4 consumes little electricity during operation, keeping the operating costs down.

User-friendly, compact, economical and safe: the T4 from Fröling meets all your needs. This boiler can efficiently burn both wood chips and pellets due to its intelligent, fully automatic system. With the silicon carbide combustion chamber, the T4 ensures a high level of efficiency (up to 94.2%) with very low emissions. And thanks to its modular construction and compact dimensions, the Fröling T4 can be installed in areas that other units just won’t fit.

Available Models

  • T4 130/150 kW

Features at a Glance

  • Utilize waste wood, shavings, chips and pellets
  • High Efficiency
  • Self Cleaning
  • Lambdatronic controller; easy-to-use


Fröling Turbomat
500 kW fully automatic multi-wood fuel boiler

The Fröling Turbomat is a unique heating system with a fully automatic wood burner that operates with a wide variety of wood fuels. Whether it’s carpentry material, waste wood or pellets, the advanced technology along with Lambdatronic Control ensures optimal combustion values every time. The high-tech Turbomat is designed to be easy-to-use and even easier to service and maintain.


  • Highly efficient and fully automatic
  • Service-friendly design = low maintenance costs
  • Low dust emissions and very low emissions
  • Excellent choice for institutional applications


Fröling Lambdamat
750 to 1,500 kW fully automatic multi-wood fuel boiler

Fröling’s Lambdamat is a unique, fully automatic heating system for burning wood chips, shavings and pellets.

It offers innovative combustion technology and also a high level of convenience and operational reliability. The boiler sizes are suited to fuels with a water content of up to 50%.

Thanks to the special combustion chamber shape, Fröling’s Lambdamat is perfect for burning fuels of different qualities and with a high bark content. The hydraulic moving grate continuously transports the fuel through the combustion chamber, ensuring that even heavy fuels are completely burned. In addition to fuel loading by feed screws, this boiler technology can also be supplied with a hydraulic fuel feed system.