Wood Chipping

We can ensure that our biomass systems perform flawlessly by design but consideration of their fuel supply is equally as important.  We have partnered with Pezzolato of Italy to bring wood chipping and firewood processing equipment to the Canadian market and are proud to offer their full range of high quality and proven products.

Below is a selection of chippers offered, for a full look at machines and technical data, please visit the Pezzolato website or contact one of us at Biothermic.

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Pezzolato offers a full range of chipping options to produce reliable, high quality chips. Here are two products that work very well in the Canadian market.

The Pezzolato PTH30.70 is driven with an optional diesel engine or from a tractor PTO. Its screen and blower system ensures that all chips that leave the chute meet the desired chip size.

  • 200HP CAT diesel engine
  • Maximum chipping diameter of 12″ (300mm)
  • Safety features for manual feeding or remote control for machine feeding
  • up to 25 cubic metres per hour production rate
  • Automatic RPM control to ensure optimal feed rate


PTH 1200/1000 Wood Chipper

The PTH 1200/1000 is a rugger machine well suited to Canadian forests.  It is available in a variety of configurations and mountings.  A swivel mounted version can be placed on a truck with an on board loading crane for an extremely efficient autonomous machine.

  • 800 to 1150 HP CAT diesel engine
  • Maximum chipping diameter 31.5″ (800mm)
  • Hourly production of up to 250 cubic metres per hour
  • PTO drive available

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Firewood Processors

Cut and Split Processors

Pezzolato offers an incredible range of off the shelf processors and custom designed systems to meet any production demand with any feedstock.

Pezzolato firewood processors can fit small operations or be scaled up for massive production facilities.  Components can be added to increase productivity and to increase the quality of the final product.

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