Fröling biomass boilers are world leading in efficiency, ease of operation and quality. Biothermic can supply you with a Fröling heating system including all required pumps, piping and valves, underground heat piping, larger thermal storage tanks, as well as pellet and wood chip storage and conveying equipment.

Whether you're looking to heat your business or your home, Biothermic can provide an efficient system to burn wood chips, wood pellets or firewood that will save you thousands of dollars per year in fuel costs.

We work with a group of great equipment manufacturers and offer their products as part of our complete boiler packages.


World’s leading supplier of advanced biomass to energy, combustion solutions, heat and cogeneration plants, and emission control systems . Polytechnik is able provide costumers with state-of-the-art technology for the use of biomass for energy generation.

The Polytechnik engineering team supplies and installs biomass-fuelled boilers with a thermal output ranging from 300kW to 30,000 kW (single unit output).  Depending on the available fuels, various combustion systems and combinations can be employed.

For power production, steam and ORC turbines with a standard electrical output from 100 kW to 20,000 kW per turbine generator are available.   Hot water, super heated water, saturated and super heated steam or thermal oil is used to transfer the energy.

With more than 50 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, installing and commissioning of about 3,200 biomass fired heat and power plants, Polytechnik has become an expert in generating energy from renewable biomass.  The only renewables company in Austria to receive the Austrian Coat of Arms.  A noteworthy recognition of the State of Austria for the quality of products and brand.


Pezzolato is an italian manufacturer of wood chippers and firewood processors.