Wood Chip Heating

Fröling Wood Chip and Pellet Boiler T4

Up to 94.2% efficiency and a multiple award-winner

Features at a Glance

  • Utilize waste wood, shavings, chips and pellets

  • High Efficiency

  • Self Cleaning

  • Lambdatronic controller; easy-to-use

Particular attention was paid to energy efficiency, durability and stability during the development of the T4. This priority was clearly confirmed when the boiler was awarded the Blue Angel (for the wood chips and pellets) and the Austrian Ecolabel. The T4 consumes little electricity during operation, keeping the operating costs down.

User-friendly, compact, economical and safe: the new T4 from Fröling meets all your needs. This boiler can efficiently burn both wood chips and pellets due to its intelligent, fully automatic system. With the silicon carbide combustion chamber, the T4 ensures a high level of efficiency (up to 94.2%) with very low emissions. And thanks to its modular construction and compact dimensions, the Fröling T4 can be installed in areas that other units just won't fit.

Available Models

  • T4 130/150
Brochure Schematic