How much does a wood pellet boiler cost?

So you’re tired of the high cost of propane, electricity or fuel oil and you’re looking for a more affordable solution.  Wood pellets offer a lower energy cost and are cheaper than propane, oil and electricity. 

To get at the savings that wood pellets offer, you’ll need to install a new wood pellet boiler system which will be costlier than a comparative propane boiler.  This is always the case with biomass boilers: the cost to install is higher but the cost to operate is lower.  Over several years, the savings will offset the higher installation costs and you’ll be saving money.

We offer automated wood boiler systems from Froling of Austria and we provide them as a complete package with schematics, required parts, a buffer tank and pellet handling equipment to suit your needs.  Exactly what you need will depend on several factors but we’ll give you a precise quote for the boiler and parts that will work best for your heating system.

The boiler itself is the costliest part of the system.  The Froling PE1 boiler is available in two sizes and ranges from $13k to $15.5k plus taxes and shipping.  It comes assembled and ready to connect.

We give you a trim kit specific to your system that will connect to your current boiler system with either copper, press fit or threaded fittings.  The kit costs about $2,500 plus taxes.

A biomass boiler always needs a buffer tank to make sure that heat is available while the boiler is either shutting down or starting up.  Beware sales people that claim a buffer tank isn’t required!  We match one of a number of different buffer tank options to suit the needs of your system.  We can combine a backup boiler and domestic hot water tank all together in an integrated tank.  You should budget $4k for an appropriate buffer tank.

Pellet storage can come in many different configurations.  The PE1 draws pellets pneumatically through hoses from a larger pellet store that can be a silo, a custom built bin or a simple Froling Cube.  You can be thrifty with this and only spend a few hundred dollars all the way to installing a silo that will hold the entire seasons’ supply of wood pellets.

We take great care with working with our customers to see that their Froling pellet boiler system is complete and works flawlessly.  Give us a call to talk about your system specifically, we can work up a proper cost quote for you.