How much does an indoor firewood boiler cost?

If you’re looking into purchasing an indoor firewood boiler system, your first question is going to be: how much will it cost?  Anyone using firewood for heat is a lover of the outdoors and thrifty, they’re looking to reduce their heating costs, gain some energy independence and get a connection with forests and the outdoors.

Installing a new firewood boiler system is going to be costly but the investment will return itself to you in savings over the years.  That payback will be higher if the system lasts long and is as efficient as possible since you’ll burn less wood.   Our systems, centered around the Froling S3 indoor firewood boiler will offer the highest efficiency, lowest emissions and the best value over competitors.  It’s a big investment but, if done well, one for which you will have zero regrets.

For our systems, we have some variables that will affect costs as we provide all the required components for a complete installation.  Consistently, we supply a boiler, buffer tank(s) and a trim kit.

The cost of the Froling S3 is between $11k and $14k depending on the model.  This is often cheaper than a typical outdoor wood boiler (way more efficient too!) but you need to add the trim kit and the buffer tanks.  We can ship anywhere in Canada for about $300 to $900.

A firewood boiler will not work well without a buffer tank of the appropriate size!  For our smaller boiler we offer a single 400 US gallon buffer tank and the larger boiler we offer two 400 US Gallon tanks.  Beware any salesperson that claims you don’t need a buffer tank for a biomass boiler!  The tanks we supply are ASME (this is required for tanks over 120 gallons) and cost about $5k delivered to you.  Not cheap, but they’ll last many, many decades.

Our trim kits provide a suite of piping components that you need for an indoor firewood boiler system.  We give you the kit and a schematic to show exactly how they are connected.  The kits are about $2,500 and can be supplied for copper, press fit or black iron installations.  Beside is an example of a typical system.

How much will you save with an indoor firewood boiler over propane heat?  This depends on how you are harvesting or buying your wood.  If you are harvesting your own firewood and spending say, $1,500 per year on chainsaws, gas and truck use, for a typical home, an indoor firewood boiler will save you $5,000 per year over propane.  Over the span of 20 years with a Froling boiler, after your installation, you’ll save $70,000.  We expect our systems to last 30 years before replacement.

We’re confident that our firewood boiler package will beat any others in North America on value, ease of use and efficiency and we’d be happy to talk with you about it to tell you why.  Email or call us to have a closer look, with you, at your firewood boiler project